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Metal and Plastic Laser Marking

Laser Marking Group specializes in permanent, high-contrast laser marking ink for metal and plastic.

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1This quick-dry, easy-to-use, permanent metal laser ink provides the highest contrast ink in the industry. Although primarily sold as an aerosol, CO2 is also available as a liquid or powder.


2Polymark is a permanent plastic additive for Nd:YAG & Fiber Laser Marking. Available in black, white, yellow, red and clear. Great for barcoding, expiration dates on bottles 0r for any image that needs to appear via laser on plastic. Available in powder concentrate for your specific formulation or available in master batch pellet concentrate in a variety of plastic options.

Why use our product?

We leave a mark on everything!

• Cost Effective • Heat-Resistant • Competitive • Permanent
• Industrial Use • Decorative Use • Durable • Quick
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