Specification Sheet

Product Type: Laser marking concentrate/masterbatch
Product Code: CPP-1050
Product Description: Clear translucent concentrate. Use 3-5% in any polyolefin.
Physical Properties: Typical Values
Color: Transparent/translucent pellets can be added to colored or uncolored Polyolefin to obtain YAG or 1064nm laser mark.
Melt Index of carrier resin(s): 30-35MI
Minimum & maximum processing temperatures: 325°-580°F max. 60 seconds or less (for both pigment and resin)
Pellet Size/Count: 30 – 60 pellets per gram
Product Appearance: No contamination as viewed under magnification.Zero longs/doubles.
Dispersion: Visual evaluation of plaques on X-ray light diffuser must be free of pigment agglomerates.
  • 0-150 pounds packed in 12″ x 12″ x 17″ boxes.
  • 151-500 pounds packed in 30 or 55 gallon fiber drums.
  • 501 pounds or greater packed in Gaylord(s) and/or a drum All Gaylord’s on skids.
  • All containers to be clean.
  • Container(s) to be labeled neatly and legibly.
  • All containers labeled with product and lot number.
  • Customer’s name and address put on cover of container.
  • Label(s) glued on.
Addition Documentation:
Suitability for your particular application must be tested. Our guaranty is limited to the consistent quality of the product.